Lucrezia Lavino Mercuri (2005) received the first lessons of music at 3 years old from her mother.

She studies with M° Raffaele Schiavone from 2014.From September 2017 until June 2018 she studied in Graz’s University of Music and Performing Arts with Prof. Silvia Marcovici with two scholarships. At the moment she follows the courses of M. P. Berman.

She studies Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition.

From 2014 she performed in Italy and abroad (Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, France, Czech Republic.)

He performed with the  JuniOrchestra  “Santa Cecilia National Academy” and at the age of nine years has become part of the class Joung (reserved for students 14 to 21 years).

In 2014 June she has been invited to play at the Ministero of Pubblica Istruzione in the presence of Italian Minister.

He exhibits at the Masterclasses : M.Fiorentini, V. Tretiakov, P.Vernikov, I. Petrushevski, P. Kopec, A.Baranov, P. Munteanu, Z. Bron, P. Berman.

Winner of several National and International competitions:

2013 (8 years)

1st Absolute Prize (100/100) “Note sul Mare” Competition (Rome, Italy)

1st Prize “Luigi Zanuccoli” International Competition (Sogliano al Rubicone – Forli Cesena, Italy)

2014 (9 years)

1st Prize “Chroma” Competition (Rome, Italy)

1st Prize “Clivis” International Competition (Rome)

1st Absolute Prize  (100/100) “7  Note Romane” on all categories and instruments with a Special Mention (Rome)

1st Prize V International Competition “Premio Crescendo” (Florence, Italy)

1st Absolute  Prize at the “Giovani Musici” in the category up to 18 years and on all the categories and instruments, performing in the Aula Magna of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in the presence of the Rector Prof. Frati.(Rome)

2015 (10 years)

1st Prize “Euritmia” International Competition  (Povoletto – Udine, Italy)

1st Absolute Prize “Riviera della Versilia Daniele Ridolfi” Competition (Viareggio – Versilia, Italy)

1st Prize”Narnia Arts Academy” International Competition  (Narni – Terni, Italy)

2016 (10/11 years)

3rd Prize  “Grumiaux” International Competition (Namur, Belgium)

1st Prize “Josef Micka” International Violin Competition and Award for the best Interpretation’s Study of  J. Micka (Prague, Czech Republic)

1st Absolute Prize (100/100) “Giovani Musicisti” International Competition (Treviso, Italy)

1st Absolute Prize (100/100) “Riviera Etrusca” National Competition (Piombino-  Livorno, Italy)

1st Absolute Prize “Chroma” Competition in the higher category 12/14 years (Rome)

1st Absolute Prize (100/100) “Euterpe” International Competition in the higher category 13/16 years (Corato – Bari, Italy)

1st Prize (100/100) “V.Marchitelli” National Competition in the higher category  13/14 years (Rome)

1st Absolute Prize (100/100) VII International Competition “Premio Crescendo” (Florence, Italy)

1st Prize 14th  Internazional Competition “Premio Città di Padova” (Padua,Italy)

1st Absolute Prize at the 17th International Competition Valsesia Musica Juniores “Monterosa-Kawai prize” of all categories up to 23 years with a scholarship of E 1,000 and special prize “Paola Materozzi Rosa” as the best talent. (Varallo Sesia-VC, Italy)

Grand Prix Winner 100/100 International Competition “Flame” with a scholarship (Paris – France)

Prize “Campus of Arts” Edition 2016 (Bassano del Grappa – VC- Italy) with concerts  and the audience award.

2017 (11/12 years)

1° Prize Winner ” Central International Music Competition” (Valletta, St.Julian’s- Malta)

1st Prize 27th International Competition “Città di Barletta” in the higher category 13/15 years (BT – Italia)

3rd Prize ” L. Kogan” International Competition ( Brussels-Belgium)

1st Absolut Prize ” IX Music Competition City of Filadelfia” ( Filadelfia VV- Italy)

1st Absolut Prize (100/100) ” Ciro Pinsuti Competion” of all categories ( Sinalunga- SI, Italy).

2018 (13 anni)

1st Absolute Prize (100/100) “Chroma” Competition  (Rome, Italy).




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